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5 Things You Should Never Share On Social Media

5 Things You Should Never Share On Social Media
5 Things You Should Never Share On Social Media

Never share these things On Social Media

Social Media can be very tempting and intimidating at the same time. You always want to share your latest holiday photo, the good news you heard, or even bad news. We all know that it’s in our nature to be curious. To want to know everything about everyone, and enable everyone to know what’s happening in our lives. However, we really need to be careful of what we share on social media.

Below are 5 Things You Should Never Share On Social Media;

1. Explicit content

These can be pictures, films or music that contains adult content. Mostly, this is often sexual or pornographic.

Never ever share such content even when you are out of your mind. The internet is huge, your content might get posted or shared on the wrong sites before you even realise it.

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Remember, content shared on the internet never gets deleted. Even if you delete from your social profile, you don’t know how many sites or people would have already captured and preserved it.

Additionally, you might get caught into lawsuits if your content contained anything that’s not allowed by the local law. Therefore, be aware and be safe.

2. Your Financial Status

By this, I’m basically referring to your income or how much money you make.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a middle class or millionaire, just don’t share your financial status with your online friends. I mean, no one is interested in your Platinum Credit Card, People who are trying to run after your money or criminals are the ones who care about that.

Therefore, this is one of the things you should never share on social media.

3. Open Invites

Do you normally see people writing things like “Who wants to go to a movie with me?” on social media?. These are what we call open invites. Just avoid posting such open invites on your social profiles. How can your stranger friend who lives like a 100 miles away, join you for a movie?

Since they can’t, it is not logical to post such invites.

Moreover, this might even be risky.

4. Your Physical Address & Phone Numbers

In a world we live in now, everyone has to be extra careful all the time. Just avoid sharing your home address and personal phone number, unless your social media profile is very small with few people you trust.

If your profile is the opposite and has lots of people you don’t know, refrain putting this at any cost.

However, if you really have to put your address and telephone details, you can always change the setting from Public/Friends to Only Me for security reasons.

5. False Statements about someone

Don’t ever be like people who use social media as a tool for revenge. The social media is usually one sides and can take up your side at first. Also, you might also hurt someone else with the help of social media.

These days, the depression rate has increased in South Africa. There are so many people who are committing suicide. There are people who are so depressed that they can’t get along with things after something wrong happens to them. Therefore, you never know what steps a guy/girl you shame on Social Media can take tomorrow.

You will not only feel guilty for the rest of your life but might also face the lawsuit, for it.

So, be careful about the statements you make on social media.