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As Die Skoen Pas Teasers August 2021

As Die Skoen Pas Teasers August 2021
As Die Skoen Pas Teasers August 2021

As Die Skoen Pas Teasers August 2021

We bring you As Die Skoen Pas Teasers August 2021 for your viewing pleasure. Anytime you want some catch-up on your favorite South African Drama TV Shows Today SA Tv. Presenting you with what’s coming up on Die Sentrum and Tv episodes free online streaming is what we do.

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The Soapie Teasers were initially provided by TVSA. This article was first published by them. This is what will be happening or What’s coming up on As Die Skoen Pas Teasers this August 2021:

Coming up on As Die Skoen Pas this August 2021:

Monday 2 August 2021
Episode 141

Ömer’s self-inflicted solitude leads to great upheaval, with Defne having a breakdown and Neriman coming to the rescue. Koray overstays his welcome and Defne learns much needed truths.

Tuesday 3 August 2021
Episode 142

Defne is distraught after Ömer leaves. Ömer, Sinan and Sude bond while reminiscing about their childhood. More than one ring is returned.

Wednesday 4 August 2021
Episode 143

Defne’s resignation is met with resistance on all fronts, except from Ömer. Türkan supports Defne in her decision against all odds.

Thursday 5 August 2021
Episode 144

After all the drama, Defne decides to leave town. Koray plays a devious game between Sinan and Yasemin. Sadri reveals the Ipikcli family secret and Ömer decides to see his grandfather about it.

Friday 6 August 2021
Episode 145

Koray doesn’t take the news of Sinan and Yasemin’s pending marriage very well and Ömer takes a trip to the countryside to patch things up with Defne. Love abounds all round.

Monday 9 August 2021
Episode 146

Neriman and Turkan almost come to blows in the bathhouse, with Turkan refusing to grant permission to proceed with the marriage. When Koray gets involved in the peace negotiations, the line is drawn and Turkan stands her ground.

Tuesday 10 August 2021
Episode 147

The family meeting to sort out Neriman and Turkan’s disagreements turns out to be quite a surprise in the end. Koray organizes the party of the year, but his guest of honour has other ideas about it. Another party turns out to be just as much of a difference than intended.

Wednesday 11 August 2021
Episode 148

The big day of the wedding has finally arrived but starts off with a missing groom. Finally, everything is underway, but Koray manages to cause chaos once again, because he feels that he should be best man.

When one thinks nothing more could possibly go wrong – it does. And when they walk down the aisle at last, Defne decides to confess to Ömer on their way to the pulpit.

Thursday 12 August 2021
Episode 149

Ömer lives a life of fearless abandon in Rome, but Defne is foremost in his mind. Hulusi informs Neriman of his plans with his fortune and her deviousness goes into overdrive. Defne gets her mojo back, slowly but surely.

Friday 13 August 2021
Episode 150

Neriman once again hatches a plot that involves Defne. Ömer and Sinan meet unexpectedly and the outcome is a surprise to both. Ismail sees a lady in distress and comes to her rescue. Defne meets her new boss, not knowing he is part of Neriman’s plan.

Monday 16 August 2021
Episode 151

Ömer and Sinan plan on moving a resurrected Passionis into a building being rented out by Sinan’s mother. Unbeknownst to Ömer, Defne is working for Seda in the same building. Pamir, Ömer’s cousin, is the CEO of the company and he has much more than just business on his mind.

Tuesday 17 August 2021
Episode 152

Discomfort is the order of the day when Ömer and Defne encounter each other again under strange circumstances. Sükru gives Ömer fatherly advice, which he seems to take to heart. Passionis is faced with logistic difficulties.

Wednesday 18 August 2021
Episode 153

It’s a showdown between Ömer and Neriman and the latter is devastated by the hard line he takes. Defne’s future depends on the perfect proposal. Koray worms his way into Pamir’s company. Seda juggles work and motherhood.

Thursday 19 August 2021
Episode 154

Tempers flare and arguments fly between Sinan and Seda. Ismail and Nihan are also at loggerheads about loyalty to friends. Ömer tries to talk to Defne about their past, but it is met with resistance. Defne is now the logistics manager for both Stilvagonu and Passionis.

Friday 20 August 2021
Episode 155

Ömer tries his best to get nearer to Defne again, but loses it totally when he sees her with another man. It seems that Sinan and Seda can’t see anything eye to eye, while Ismail meets a very unsavory character. Neriman can’t wait to tell her husband some shocking news.

Monday 23 August 2021
Episode 156

Defne is caught between a rock and a hard place when she has to make a business decision between Ömer and Pamir. True to Neriman’s nature, she cannot but interfere and she pays Pamir a visit. Defne makes her decision based on Ömer’s self-confidence but Pamir throws her under the bus.

Tuesday 24 August 2021
Episode 157

Ömer and Pamir do not make it easy for Defne to make some important work choices. Ismail’s interest in Aysegul becomes more intense by the minute, but it’s complicated. Ömer has an important realisation about Defne’s feelings for him and it puts a smile on his face.

Wednesday 25 August 2021
Episode 158

Defne conjures up some courage to ask Ömer for the chart, not wanting to be called a coward. Seda finds out her ex is getting married and is devastated. Neriman can’t let go of her obsession to matchmake Pamir and Defne.

Thursday 26 August 2021
Episode 159

Seda decides to drown her sorrows when her divorce becomes imminent, but there is someone who is willing to rescue her. Koray is sent on a wild goose chase by Pamir with a not so happy ending. Ismail is surprised by the woman he is secretly interested in, in an unlikely place.

Friday 27 August 2021
Episode 160

Ömer’s purchase of a rare gift for Defne blows up in his face after a devious sleight of hand by Pamir. Aysegul and Iso’s bond gets stronger by the day. And party time at Passionis has its fair share of intrigue.

Monday 30 August 2021
Episode 161

Defne is distraught after telling Ömer it’s over and Pamir strikes, trying to lift her mood, with hilarious, but almost catastrophic results. Ömer comes to the rescue, sending Defne in turmoil yet again.

Tuesday 31 August 2021
Episode 162

One of Ömer’s shoe designs is similar to a Vanni design and this creates havoc in Passionis with reputations at stake. Is Pamir responsible for the leak? This turn of events leads to Defne supporting Ömer with heart and soul, bringing them ever closer together.

Premiere episodes of As Die Skoen Pas air on eExtra from Mondays to Fridays at 19h30.

The soapie is one of the most-watched in Mzansi. As Die Skoen Pas soapie teasers for this most popular TV drama series are always available here to enjoy. They will also give you an idea of what’s going to happen next in your favorite Drama.

The daily series basically is a remake of the previous season’s As Die Skoen Pas with more and different characters, like an anthology. Set in the advertising world, this drama celebrates the hopes and dreams of South Africans seeking a better future.

With lots of professional and upcoming actors and actresses, the producers of the soapie are able to impress its viewers indeed.

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The most exciting part of this is, with extraordinary delivery of each cast member’s roles, even if you’re not one of the people who like television drama series, the chances are that you will develop an interest in it after watching an episode. There, having the anticipation of each episode of soapie teasers As Die Skoen Pas 2021 would be a great idea.