Home Celebrity News DJ Black Coffee & Enhle Mbali’s Reason For Divorce Revealed

DJ Black Coffee & Enhle Mbali’s Reason For Divorce Revealed

DJ Black Coffee & Enhle Mbali's Reason For Divorce Revealed
DJ Black Coffee & Enhle Mbali's Reason For Divorce Revealed

DJ Black Coffee & Enhle Mbali’s Reason For Divorce

Black Coffee is a South African DJ and record producer whose real name is Nkosinathi Innocent Maphumulo. Enhle Mbali Mlotshwa is his wife. Enhle is a South African actress, TV presenter and fashion designer. She is popular for her role on the South African Television Series, Tshisa.

DJ Black Coffee has broken his silence on the much-publicised divorce from his Television personality wife Enhle Mbali Mlotshwa.

In a thorough interview this week, the DJ stated he had tried everything but failed to save his marriage. However, according to a number of sources, the final straw for his wife was revelations that the international DJ had fathered two children in the last 14 months. This is apart from the emotional abuse she alleges he subjected her to.

According to the source, this is what pushed Mbali to file for divorce at the Johannesburg High Court in October. Nevertheless, in an extensive interview, Black Coffee had to set the record straight.

Black Coffee couldn’t deny or confirm the cheating rumours labelled against him or the birth of the two kids. He simply said he had been advised by his lawyer not to respond to some of the questions as the matter is still in court.

However, he said he wanted to set the record straight about the misunderstanding or misconception that Mlotshwa filed for divorce first.

He made it clear that he was the one who suggested that they should go their separate ways after realising that things were not working.

“In April this year, I sent a lengthy email to her in which I suggested that we should separate and she should find a place to stay with the kids and I would pay for it. I did that because I wanted us to improve our marriage and be more involved with them. But she declined the offer,” he said.

According to the source, The DJ also admitted it has been a tough time for him.

“I wish I could speak [about this], but me speaking won’t serve any purpose,” said the emotional DJ.

“I believe I have done enough to try and fix things. I don’t want to speak about her faults – she is the mother of my children after all. Whenever I was wrong, I admitted I was wrong. We tried everything, such as seeing a therapist and a life coach, but nothing worked. We have reached the point of no return. For the first time we are understanding that we can’t be together,” he said, adding that he has accepted that their marriage ended a long time ago.

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