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Do not get an MTN contract until you read this article.

MTN contract
MTN contract

Do not get an MTN contract until you read this article.

MTN contract: MTN is one of the leading telecommunications providers in South Africa however their customer service is questionable and unacceptable for some customers. The best place to check how customers feel about the service MTN offers is checking their social media pages. If you read through MTN’s Facebook comments you will find so many customers experiencing problems with MTN contracts. One of the main issues being getting MTN to stop debiting their accounts after they are done with their contracts.


MTN contract
MTN contract


Some customers end up having to take legal action against MTN in order to get their cellphone contracts cancelled.


MTN contract takes its time to cancel even after informing MTN.

I was done paying my contract and I told them to cancel my contract and make my number prepaid on Tue, 29 Sept 2020, 11:30 but it is now 02 Feb 2021 and they just debited money for that same contract.


They MTN branch is useless for MTN contract cancellation

It was clear from the start the email service and telephone assistance were not helping so I went to the Centurion MTN store to talk to someone, in person. The personnel told me that they can not help because they do not do contract cancellations. This was a surprise for me considering that I went to the same store to get the contract in the first place.


Email service will respond but nothing happens.

The email service will give you hope that your contract will get cancelled because of the initial response but then they stop responding to finalise the cancellation while MTN continues to debit your account.


MTN makes false promises.

I received an SMS saying the cancellation date was changed and I will be billed accordingly. The debit order delayed debiting and so I thought finally they are doing something!

At this point, it feels like MTN give good service when taking out a contract because you can go to the store and in a few minutes you have your new device and a new contract. Looking at the number of complaints and my personal experience I think MTN does not care about customers who have already taken out a contract because they do not listen to their customer complaints.

This article is based on my actual experience with MTN

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