Home BUZZ John Vuli Gate dance challenge (Video Compilation)

John Vuli Gate dance challenge (Video Compilation)

john vuli gate challenge
john vuli gate challenge

John Vuli Gate dance challenge

John Vuli Gate has come out of nowhere and started trending online because of a video that went viral on social media.

A group of girls can be seen in the video dancing to the song by Amapiano duo Mapara A Jazz featuring Colano and Ntosh Gaz. According to Colano they recorded the song in July before releasing it on August 27 on online platform Data File Host.





In order to build on this momentum, Amapiano duo Mapara a Jazz, have decided to reshoot the music video for their hit song John Vuli Gate featuring artists Ntosh Gaz and Colano with a slight change; they will now include the young group of women who caused the song to go viral.

Although the young women are not the ones who started the challenge, their video is what made the song go viral last week.

The honour of starting the challenge belongs to a group of young unidentified men who made their way out of a minibus taxi at a filling station while performing the John Vuli Gate dance challenge in a Tik Tok video.


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