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Kathaza Khanyile To Return on Uzalo!

Sibonile Ngubane aka Kathaza Khanyile To Return on Uzalo!
Sibonile Ngubane aka Kathaza Khanyile To Return on Uzalo!

Khathaza from Uzalo Latest News

Uzalo Khathaza Khanyile -who’s real name is Sibonile Ngubane- played the role of a businessman who had a personal agenda against Nkunzi Mhlongo (Masoja Msiza). He and his sister had planned to kill Nkunzi’s entire family until the unexpected happened when Khathaza fell in love with MaNgcobo, played by Dawn Thandeka King.

Why did Khathaza leave Uzalo?

Uzalo actor, Sibonile Ngubane, made his final appearance on the hit weekday drama in December 2019, following the death of his character, Khathaza.

After years of fighting with the gangsters of Kwa-Mashu, he was finally killed by his wife, MaNgcobo, whose aim was just to seek revenge against her husband.

The death of the character shocked so many of the Uzalo viewers, who believed that he was an important part of the storyline.

His sudden departure led to social media speculation, and conclusions were made that the actor was wrongfully fired from the show.

However, Uzalo had to quickly shut down the accusations and  claimed that the character’s storyline had come to an end and there was no further reasoning for his exit.

In a statement to local media, Uzalo’s public relations officer Nomfundo Zondi stated that, “The storyline, to be clear, always had a beginning and an end. We knew when we started, how and when Khathaza would make his exit. Any implications that he was fired from the Uzalo production is mischievous and a talent of Mr Ngubane’s calibre deserves much better.”

After he died, surely nobody ever thought Khathaza will come back on Uzalo. Many viewers made some arguments over this, saying that they are being played like kids, but it’s true, Khathaza died but is going to return on Uzalo.

He had mistakenly hinted how he will return on Instagram when he mentioned returning as a ghost.

Before, many viewers believed he will return to kill Mangcobo but it had been revealed that Mangcobo is not leaving Uzalo so we guess there might be another way.

Khathaza confirmed that he was returning on Uzalo but he did not want to reveal so much information it when he was asked during an interview.

However, he did guarantee that his fans will see him again hitting their screens on Uzalo and encouraged them to stay turned.