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Muvhango Actors In Real Life [ Sundani Is Body Goals]

Muvhango Actors In Real Life [ Sundani Is Body Goals]
Muvhango Actors In Real Life [ Sundani Is Body Goals]

Muvhango Actors in Real Life

Besides the roles that they play on screen, do you really know about your favourite Muvhango actors in real life? We all know that part of the things that make you a real fan of any celebrity is when you know more about his or her life apart from the roles they play on screen. Therefore, in this article, we consider the famous Muvhango actors in real life. 

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Muvhango is a South African television soap opera, created by Duma Ndlovu. It is broadcast on the public TV channel SABC 2 and has an average of 5.5 million daily viewers. The first episode was aired on 7 April 1997.

Meet some of The Most Muvhango Actors Below:

1. Dingaan Khumalo – James Motsamai

2. Gabriel Temudzani – Azwindini Mukwevho

3. Maumela Mahuwa – Susan Mukwevho

4. Murabeli Rasalanavho – Vho-Mukondeleli Mukwevho

5. Bukamina Cebekhulu – Gugu Nkosi Zikalala

6. Nats Ramabulana – Tendamudzimu Mudau

7. McDonald Ndou – Khakhathi “KK” Mulaudzi

8. Liteboho Molise – Teboho Mukwevho

9. Sydney Ramakuwela – Mulalo Mukwevho

10. Zonke Mnchunu – Imani Nkosi

See Muvhango Actors in Real Life Below:

Who is Mulimisi in real life?

Humbulani Tsharani plays the role of Mulimisi Negota on Muvhango. The actor landed himself a role as Mulimisi years ago and has not looked back since then. His grandfather was a sangoma and he died while Humbulani was still a kid. Humbulani was born in Tshino, Venda in Limpopo 34 years ago.

What is Muvhango all about?

Muvhango is a prime time television soap opera that is based on the lives of the royal Mukwevho family led by family patriarch and village chief Azwindini Mukwevho.The chief who had inherited the throne with the blessing of the ancestors rages a never-ending battle to keep his throne and family together.