Home SA TV & Film Soapie Teasers: Next on Scandal 22-26 June 2020

Soapie Teasers: Next on Scandal 22-26 June 2020

Soapie Teasers: Next on Scandal 22-26 June 2020
Soapie Teasers: Next on Scandal 22-26 June 2020

Scandal Teasers June 2020

musicnewstech brings you the Scandal Teasers June 2020 for your viewing pleasure. Anytime you want some catch-up on your favourite South African Drama TV Shows Today SA Tv. Presenting you with what’s coming up on Scandal and Tv episodes free online streaming is what we do.

How do you generally end a hectic day? Are you one of the people who enjoy watching South Africa Tv shows?. If you’re of them, ETV has some of the most awesome TV shows you can enjoy.

Scandal is one of them and it has so much interesting story-lines. If you’d like to know what’s coming up on your favourite soapie, just chill here with us and to check out these Scandal Teasers for June 2020.

The Soapie Teasers were initially provided by TVSA. This article was first published by them. This is what will be happening or What’s coming up on Scandal this June 2020:

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Scandal teasers June 2020 Monday 22 June, Episode 3589

Stokkies discovers the dark secret behind a seemingly innocent road trip. Gloria finds out her reputation works against her when she asks for the benefit of the doubt. Tebello takes action to avoid an uncomfortable situation at school.

Tuesday 23 June 2020 Episode 3590

Stokkies is desperate to get out of a frightening and illegal mission. Gloria confronts an unpleasant truth and is offered an opportunity. Tebello receives both good and bad news.

Wednesday 23 June 2020 Episode 3591

An unexpected insight alerts Quinton to the potential whereabouts of a nemesis. A lucky charm initially seems to be working for an eager job-seeker. Tebello tests out his ‘new and improved’ self.

Thursday 24 June 2020 Episode 3592

Quinton finds the ideal spot to trap his quarry. Omphile’s crowning glory is a talking point and Phindile sees a glimmer of hope. Neo shares a worry with his son.

Friday 26 June 2020 Episode 3593

A trap is carefully set, but will the bait be taken? Phindile is unsure whether some techniques she has learned will help her. Tebello keeps a secret from the adults.

Scandal airs on ETV Mondays to Fridays at 19h30.

musicnewstech brings you the latest news on what’s coming up on Scandal teasers June 2020. We all usually enjoy some rest or chill after we’ve had a hectic day at work right?

As we all know, there is nothing more refreshing than ending your day with some favourite soapie, drama or telenovela, and that is one of the things that watching soapie teasers try to achieve all the time.

The other nice part about it is that, with extraordinary delivery of each Scandal actors roles, even if you’re not one of the people who like television drama series, the chances are that you will definitely develop some interest for it after watching an episode. There, having the anticipation of what each episode of soapie teasers Scandal 2020 would be a great idea.