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Volunteering Has a New Meaning in 2020


Volunteering has a new meaning in 2020: Musicians are upset after being compared to car guards.

This comes after a video of a Bishop Mosa Sono went viral on social media. Bishop Mosa Sono is the founder and Presiding Bishop of Grace Bible Church, which was established in September 1983, and now has 62 branches in South Africa.

In this video, the Bishop is explaining how the church is built on volunteering.  He goes as far as saying “According to me there is no difference between a musician and a parking attendant”

Bishop Musa Sono has acknowledged the social media buzz on twitter and gave a response post. “Grace Bible Church on Social Media Comments Grace Bible Church has noted with concern, personal attacks levelled against the Presiding Bishop Mosa Sono regarding payments to instrumentalist at GBC”

“The Bishop’s Council took the resolution, and Bishop Mosa was requested to make the announcement on behalf of council and it was a collective decision”

“Furthermore, there is a context under which the decision was undertaken, but many commentators have left that aspect out conveniently. Grace Bible Church stands by the resolution”

“We hope people will respect the decision of the church and stop the malicious attacks on the Presiding Bishop that have become very personal. Yours in Christ. GBC Bishop’s Council”

Musicians were not impressed with Bishop Mosa Sono, some depend on the income received from sessions at their local churches. There is a sense of musicians being undermined and undervalued.


The issues quickly turned into a meme showing how musicians should start wearing car guard reflector jackets as uniform.

Here are some social media posts:

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